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New Discovery: Dihydromyricetin—Kill Antibiotics
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With the scale and intensive development of animal husbandry, in order to prevent and treat the diseases of livestock and poultry and improve economic benefits, people will add various antibiotics, hormones, chemosynthesis drugs and other additives into the feed. However, the application of additives brings the serious negative effects to the animal food safety while bringing huge economic benefits to the animal husbandry. The flooding of antibiotics has become a serious problem of the current food safety. Therefore, people is paying more and more attention to the application of natural, non-pollution and no-residue Chinese herbal medicines and their plant extracts as feed additives. However, dihydromyricetin is a superexcellent, safe and non-toxic feed additive which can replace antibiotics and improve meat quality.    
According to the research report provided by Engineering Research Center of Feed Safety and Efficient Utilization of Ministry of Education, Institute of Animal Nutrition, Hunan Agricultural university and Hunan Engineering Technology Research Center for Healthy Breeding of Livestock and Poultry, dihydromyricetin has good bacteriostatic activity, and especially its bacteriostatic activity on bacteria is equivalent to or slightly stronger than the effects of berberine hydrochloride. Dihydromyricetin has also obvious antioxidant activity and other functions, and the dihydromyricetin, as the feed additive, has also the following functions:
(1) It strengthens the immune function of livestock and poultry, has very good promotion effects on the health and disease resistance of poultry and helps to promote the immune organ development and damaged tissue and organ recovery of broiler chickens.
(2) It can improve the poultry production performance and feed conversion rate. It is reported that the addition of 0.025% dihydromyricetin into the daily ration can significantly improve the daily intake and daily gain of male broilers. The addition of dihydromyricetin into the feed can significantly improve the production performance and laying rate of Hailan laying hens and reduce the feed-egg ratio to a certain extent.
(3) The addition of dihydromyricetin into the daily ration can improve the chicken quality. The addition of 0.025% dihydromyricetin into the daily ration can significantly improve the leg muscle rate of broilers. The addition of 0.05%, 0.1% or 0.2% dihydromyricetin into the daily ration can make the whole net carcass rate index of broilers significantly higher than that of the control group and make the meat quality tenderer and better.
People have paid more and more attention to dihydromyricetin since 2013. Through the tests of many professional colleges and universities and application units   at home and abroad, dihydromyricetin not only is added into the animal feed but also is added into the human health products to play a significant role in the alcoholism prevention and liver protection. In addition, dihydromyricetin is flavonoid with stronger antioxidazing capability, and therefore it can be used in antioxidative and anti-aging products. Generally speaking, this product is multifunctional and has significant effects, wide application field and enormous potential especially in the feed additive market.    
The vine tea, raw material of this product, is mainly produced in the south, especially larger output in Wuling District. Therefore, a few vine tea manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Wuling District, Hunan City, Guizhou at present.
Whether in the human application field or the feed field, more dealers will focus on, utilize and develop the dihydromyricetin in the next few years, and the market demand will show a significant growth trend.


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