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​Natural Active Ingredients Discovered New Field: Fungus Group
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If you think that the Herbridge Media only focuses on plant extracts, you still do not understand us. Just like the mailed paper magazine Natural Ingredients free for our whole industry, what we focus on is all natural active ingredients with the potential to make contributions to the human nutrition, health and disease treatment.
First of all, the editor of the Herbridge Media takes you to understand how many members there are on earth in the global fungus family and the human cognition scope and current situation. At present, there are about 5.1 million species of fungi in the world, and only about 70,000 species of fungi are known by people. There are about 10,000 species of fungi in China, including about 800 species of edible fungi, more than 400 medicinal fungi (including traditional fungus medicines which have always been used since ancient times) and about 150 poisonous fungi.
It can be said that fungi are one of the human natural nutrition resources. In the 2015 Chinese Innovation and Development Forum of Natural Active Ingredients: Industry-University-Research Docking and Cooperation Conference, Professor Bao Haiying, assistant dean of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jilin Agricultural University has first introduced the three main biological groups (namely plant group, animal group and fungus group) on the earth to everyone, which makes all practitioners’ visual field focusing on natural active ingredients turn to the fungus field! For many years, Professor Bao Haiying has always paid special attention to fungus species discovery, resource distribution and investigation, active ingredient discovery, fungus medicine discovery, etc., and therefore he is also one of a few experts who have professional fungus research background and profound historical knowledge of Chinese herbalism in China.      
Main bioactivities of fungi
Professor Bao Haiying has introduced China's edible fungi including wild edible fungi and cultivated edible fungi (about 800 species), which are one of the irreplaceable species in health foods. At present, the fungi for health products also include wild, cultivated and fermented health care fungi in China, about 1000 species. The active ingredients in fungi mainly include the functions of anti-tumor, immunity enhancement, blood fat reduction, blood glucose reduction, vitamin D, memory activity enhancement, gastrointestinal function adjustment, fungistasis, virus inhibition, liver protection and oxidation resistance.
For instance, Irpex lacteus grows in the branches of broad-leaved trees. Mycelium yeast can be used as medicine, which is the raw material of “Shenyankang”. For instance, Marasmius androsaceus grows in the dry branches and fallen leaves in the forest and has developed funicular cords, which is the raw material of “Anluotong” and can treat injuries from falls, trigeminal neuralgia, etc. 
Development and utilization prospect of fungus extracts
Fungus resources are the important food resources, health product resources, new drug development sources and feed additive sources in China. Professor Bao Haiying has introduced the current situation of the main products in the market.
(1) Fungi are used to make about 10 types of foods sauce, wine, fermented bean curd, etc. in the ancient times of China. The currently-developed foods include mushroom soy sauce, Jiangzhong Houtou biscuit, mushroom aginomoto, etc. Cosmetics include ganoderma lucidum spore essence whitening mask, ganoderma lucidum polypeptide mask and cordyceps polypeptide mask developed by Sanjiu Enterprise Group, etc. At present, the research, development and utilization of the dietary fibers in fungi have received extensive attention, and the application of fungi in foods, health products and cosmetics will have broad prospects.
(2) The preparation forms of Chinese patent medicines containing medicinal fungi include pill (such as Muer Shujin Pill), powder (such as Wuling Powder), granula (such as Jinjunling Capsule), tablet (such as Armillarisin A Tablet), injection (such as Armillarisin A for Injection), capsule (such as Yishenkang Capsule), syrup (such as Liangjun Syrup), mixture (such as Duzhong Buyao Mixture), eye drop (such as Shezhu Mingmu Eye Drops), plaster (such as Oriental Huoxue Plaster), etc.
Achievements recommendation of Professor Bao Haiying
After many years of special attention, Professor Bao Haiying and her team have discovered the distribution law of polysaccharide, sterols, triterpenes, phenolic acid and other compounds in medicinal fungi and have also discovered 10 new compounds. What impresses the editor of the Herbridge Media is that Professor Bao Haiying introduces the two patents invented by her and her team. The first one is the new ingredient discovered in a species of fungus, which has the extremely excellent anti-tumor activity better than that of taxol; Professor Bao Haiying’s laboratory has completed the fermentation production achieving technology. The second one is the plant feed additive developed through the proportioning between weedy plant resources and weedy Chinese medicinal herb resources according to the traditional Chinese medicine formula.

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