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Development Opportunity Available for Vegetable Protein Beverage
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    According to the statistics of Nielsen, the liquid dairy market of China presented a “basically unchanged volume with rising price” profile. While the sales sum kept a growth at double digit throughout the year, the sales volume stays the same. Industrial insiders point out while the liquid dairy market is saturating, the vegetable protein beverage of the same healthy function might be the next point of growth in the beverage industry.
    Among the vegetable protein beverage market recently, besides the known Coconut Palm in the south and Lulu in the North, dairy producers such as Mengniu, Yili, Wahaha and Yangyuan have joined in the vegetable protein beverage industry, with their products recognized by the consumers. As specified in the Twelfth Five-year Plan for Food Industry, market value of nutritional and health care products will reach a trillion Renminbi, with an annual growth of 20% by 2015. By then, there will be over 10 enterprises with sales exceeding RMB10 billion, and the production integrity of Top 100 enterprises surpassing 50%. This will no doubt become a note for the beverage industry outfitted with health elements for market competition.

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