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Analysis on Market Trend of Sea Buckthorn Oil in 2015
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Sea buckthorn oil is distributed across the globe, mainly in China, Mongolia, Tibet, India, Nepal, Russia, Ukraine, UK, Sweden and Norway.

Sea Buckthorn Gradually Highlighted and Developed
In China, sea buckthorn is basically wild. Preliminarily, it’s planted in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Shanxi and Shaanxi for water and soil preservation, wind prevention and sand fixation, and soil refinement. The planting area totals 10m mu nationwide.
Alongside the development of the sea buckthorn industry in recent years and the promotion of local governments and corporate demand, the planting area of sea buckthorn is increasing year by year. Inner Mongolia has the largest area for wild and planted sea buckthorn, hippophae rhamnoides sinensis. From 2000, Xinjiang region started to extensively plant sea buckthorn, mainly hippophae rhamnoides subsp. Turkestanica and hippophae rhamnoides subsp. Mongolica. It’s said the area for wild and planted sea buckthorn in Xinjiang totals 70,000mu. The fruits shall be picked only between Aug. 20 and October. But this picking season falls right on the busy time with limited labor forces available. To address the shortage of pickers, there are enterprises involved in the research of picking machines suitable for planting sea buckthorn.
As revealed by the Herbridge, the picking volume in 2013 fails to meet the demand, thus bringing the price upward, while it’s relatively adequate in 2014 to stabilize the price trend.

Most Promising Health-care and Medical Plants in 21st Century
As one of the super fruits, sea buckthorn possesses a content of vitamin C between 200 and 2500mg/100g, with content of palmitoleic acid averaging 40% in the sea buckthorn oil, greatly more than that in the olive oil and macadamia nut oil. Also, there are nearly 40 kinds of sea buckthorn flavones in sea buckthorn. It’s dubbed as the most promising health-care and medical plant in 21st century.

Sea Buckthorn Oil in Short Supply
According to the Herbridge media, both supply and demand markets for sea buckthorn remained stable before 2012. Then from 2013 to 2014, the market demand of sea buckthorn clearly increased to leave a shortage in supply for two reasons: the limited resource amount of sea buckthorn fruit, the seasonal picking, and short stock to meet the demand of the increased market share; and the supply of sea buckthorn seed oil volume for international market is absolutely in short due to the backward technologies of domestic suppliers and inadequate number of suppliers.
President Luo of Guangzhou Honsea Sunshine told the Herbridge media that due to lack of raw material of sea buckthorn fruits in recent years, the price has constantly been on the rise along the price of the sea buckthorn fruit oil and the sea buckthorn seed oil. From 2013 to present, the market price of sea buckthorn oil has increased by around 30 to 50%. In 2014, the demand of sea buckthorn oil at both domestic and overseas markets witnessed an apparent increase. From the upper half of 2014, the supply of sea buckthorn oil at domestic market fell in shortage.
Sea Buckthorn Oil Industry Prosperous, Equipment Advantages Highlighted
As revealed by the Herbridge media, such means are used in our country to extract sea buckthorn oil as the traditional extract method, the subcritical extraction equipment, supercritical extraction equipment and sediment separation equipment. Except the first traditional way, the remaining three kinds of equipment are all functioning to combine with relevant technologies in order to improve the oil yield and reduce the solvent remaining, thus enhancing the quality of sea buckthorn oil and its competitiveness.
President Luo of Honsea Sunshine told our media that among all the methods available, most domestic enterprises still select the traditional way of squeezing centrifugal separation, which uses refining processes such as deacidification, degumming and deodorization through chemical methods, as well as cancerigenic PAHs. Besides, it’s hard to ensure the certain effective component. While the supercritical CO2 extraction technology can effectively control the pesticide residues and chemical solvent residues and increase the effective content of sea buckthorn natural activity component with low peroxide value and high content of Omega-7 unsaturated fatty acid.
Xinjiang Aopu Biological Techology Co., Ltd. told the Herbridge that viewed from the overall domestic supply pattern, there are at least 20 sea buckthorn oil suppliers of all sizes in China, with only five qualified to meet the international standards which are constrained primarily by technologies and equipment. As the producers use different technologies and equipment, products on the market vary greatly, with the price discrepancy reaching around RMB300/kg between various models. It’s said that the major reference standard in selecting sea buckthorn oil by the majority of domestic pharmaceutical firms, health-care producers and a small number of make-up producers is simple the physical and chemical index. Based on such indexes, suppliers of the lowest price are selected as the right supplier. On the other side, international buyers attach more importance to the content of the effective ingredient of fatty acid, the physical and chemical indexes not taken as the major metrics.
Simply, the supply-demand pattern in different countries is shaped by the legal limits and corporate responsibility. For the most promising sea buckthorn oil of natural origin, while sorting out the demand difference between domestic and overseas markets, the enterprise shall establish the branding position for quality products and better the hardware and software qualifications, thus locating a position in the international arena amid the expected explosive demand market.
Extensive End Application
Sea buckthorn oil is a cosmetic and health-caring product which is extracted from the fruit and seed of sea buckthorn. Known for promoting the health of skin and inner organs, it’s widely used in health-caring food, medicine, cosmetic and skin-caring, and infant body wash fields.
To date there has been a number of experiments carried out deep into the clinic study on the health promoting effect of sea buckthorn oil. Sea buckthorn fruits are rich in nutrition, which is proved to contain over 190 bioactivators,including vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids such as Omega-3,6,7,9 unsaturated fatty acid. Sea buckthorn is the best plant source of Omega-7, the reason for many of its effects. Omega-7 unsaturated fatty acid, together with other Omega fatty acids, can help the body fight against inflammations, maintain a normal, healthy immune system, enable the mobility in the membrane, and promote the health of the skin and cell membrane.
Domestic and overseas health-caring products related producers have an increasing demand of sea buckthorn oil. According to the investigation, sea buckthorn health-caring products available on markets both at home and abroad are helpful in a wide range of coverage, including adjustment of immune system, fatigue resistance, inflammation resistance, and improvement of gastrointestinal tract, adjustment of blood fat, radiation resistance, clearance of free radicals, and aging resistance. Recent study also shows that sea buckthorn oil is particularly good for the cardiovascular health of women and for the dry eyes.
Sea buckthorn oil has a high concentration of skin-care ingredients such as unsaturated fatty acid, hydrocarbons, sterols total content, phosopholipids, VE, VA and carotenoids, which can easily be absorbed by the skin to impose a protection the way sebum functions. Therefore, it’s quite suitable for application in cosmetics and skin care for its moisture and restoration of the skin. Currently, the sea buckthorn oil has been widely used in ointments, screams, essences and body care products for moisture, skin restoration, whitening and freckle removing, and the care for dermatitis, eczema, and burns.
In the future, the market will have a more diversified demand for sea buckthorn food addictive, such as developing the sea buckthorn oil or its fruits into functional foods such as chewing candies, nutrition bars and chocolate, as well as orally taken lotion.
Rather Satisfying Market Trend in the Future
Major production areas of sea buckthorn in China, such as Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Qinghai, all have large area of plant sources, wild or planted. Some of them are mature enough to bear fruits, which to some degree ease the supply shortage of wild sea buckthorn fruits. Due to the increase of relevant costs, so that caused by picking, a stable ascending in the price of high-quality sea buckthorn oil can be expected.
Now that consumers attach greater importance to the food safety recently, enterprises shall thus purchase sea buckthorn oil of higher quality as the nutrient ingredients. While in overseas market of nutrition addictive of sea buckthorn oil, to make the product quality stand out, nutrition ingredients such as Omega-7 fatty acid, and other oleic acid and linoleic acid as well as the proportion of fatty acid are regarded as the vital product appeal point. The market for sea buckthorn oil is estimated to have a continued growth in the future.

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