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Big health industry attracts pharmaceutical companies to transition and join
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In 2013, more than 60 years old of Chinese population exceed 200 million, which will drive the trillions of dollars of industrial scale. Big health industry becomes a hot topic for capital markets over the last two years.
The big health industry has promising
These have some factors to make the pension market growing rapidly, and lead the war for the pension market, such as intrusion of chronic diseases, the spread of the sub-health state, the acceleration of aging, the cultivation of concept of health and the increase of family income. With deepening of medical reform, comprehensive diversified pharmaceutical big health industry that includes the medical treatment, the pension, and the health care is forming.
the President, China health care association told Herbridge Media, China's health food industry output value up to ¥300 billion, annual increment of 15% or more in 2013. But compared with the United States, Japan and even many developing countries, China's great health industry is still exist a big gap. The statistics show that, in the United States, the health industry more than 15% of GDP, Canada, Japan and other countries health industry share of GDP of more than 10%. While in China, the health industry (including health care, medical and health industry) only hold 4% to 5% of GDP.
Pharmaceutical companies in transition
Some of China's traditional big drug firms have begun to enter the health, they are developing functional beverage, medicine, health care products with a large health properties of the consumer goods, such as Yunnan Baiyao, the Guangzhou Medicine Group. In the first three quarter of 2014 years, the revenue for Yunnan Baiyao is ¥13.318 billion, an increase of 18.6%, and the net profit of ¥1.945 billion. The healthy business unit and traditional Chinese medicine resources unit continued to maintain high growth, toothpaste is the main growth. "Functional" is the "magic weapon" Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste to stand out, this is imitated by other pharmaceutical companies to enter the toothpaste market, such as Pien Tze Huang toothpaste, lamiophlomis rotata’s toothpaste. Yunnan Baiyao puts forward the strategy of "new baiyao, big health", take "medicine" as the fundamental, to form the pattern that take medicine as the core, to develop the related diversification health products simultaneously. At present, the Yunnan Baiyao has involved in shampoo of Yang Yuanqing, protect skin product of thousand thatched cottage, maternal and child products, and female personal care products.
There has the Guangzhou Medicine Group in the field of FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) industry. After take back Wong Lo Kat trademark in 2012, the Guangzhou Medicine Group recruiting and set up a wholly owned subsidiary of Wong Lo Kat big health co., LTD., independent operated the Wong Lo Kat's herbal teas for red cans. The Guangzhou Medicine Group Official of data disclosure, last year, the sales income for Wong Lo Kat's herbal teas reached ¥15 billion. Baiyun Mountain center daily news shows that, Wong Lo Kat big health co., LTD.’s total assets is about ¥2.236 billion, net profit of ¥132 million.
At the same time, the Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain pharmaceutical industry research and development of the "golden spear" for the treatment of male sexual dysfunction, October 28, began to spread across the country. Director, big Southern herb sector, Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain pharmaceutical industry, told Herbridge Media, plans to the "golden spear" sales reached ¥500 million to ¥1 billion, using three to five years.

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