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Japan Issues Food Label Standard Revision Proposal
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     Japan Consumer Affair Bureau issued the food label standard revision proposal according to the Law of Food Label (Act No.70/2013) on Jun. 28, 2013. The new standard allows for statement of food function based upon scientific reference without government approval, but it requires pre-market notice to the producer responsibilities. The main revision content includes: 1. Nutrition reference: nutrition reference for people aged 18 or above is calculated based upon the target intake of the Japanese dietary reference intake or recommended dietary allowance (RDA); 2. Conditions for nutrition statement: the “contain”, “high” and “enriched” assumed content shall be calculated according to the newly confirmed nutrition reference. Such nutrition claim conditions shall be determined by the CODEX guide; 3. Food with nutrition function claim: FNFC. Nutrition function claim is allowed for 12 vitamins and 5 mineral substances under the current self-confirmation system. Vitamin K and Omega-3 fatty acid are also listed into the self-confirmation system; and 4. Function claim of food ingredient allowed by the system: with the existing standard, only food of special health utility (FOSHU) and food with nutrition function claim (FNFC) are allowed for function claim. When FOSHU and FNFC are allowed to exist in their own systems, the new standard allows pre-packaged processing food and fresh products to have function statement without government approval, but pre-market notice is required according to the producer responsibility. 

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