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Yongan Pharmaceutical: No Apparent Growth Found in Taurine
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   On April 8, the Performance Presentation of Yongan Pharmaceutical(002365) 2014 was held on www.p5w.net. Senior management of the company stated in the meeting that since the economy in Europe recovered slowly, the demand of taurine would have no apparent growth and would depend on the market development. Founded in 2001 with a registered capital of RMB187 million, Yongan Pharmaceutical(002365) is a national hi-tech enterprise with self-importation. Taurine is the major product of the company. Counting on its self-developed, patented “epoxy ethane process” for production of taurine, the company makes rapid growth in the production scale and market share, accounting for over 60% of domestic total output. It firmly controls over 50% of the international market share as a leader in the industry both at home and abroad.

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