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Boao Health Forum:Internet + Health&Medical Concept Highlighted
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    Boao Health Forum Kicked off, Internet + Health&Medical Concept Highlighted
    The annual meeting for Boao Asia Forum in 2015 was held on Mar. 28 and 29 in Hainan, China. The Boao Health Forum, one of the major component, witnessed the presence of over 70 industrial leaders from International Medicine Committee, World Anti-aging Academy of Medicine, Ali Health, Evergrande Health, London HB, and Wonjin(South Korea). This health forum was divided into the keynote speech, sub-forum, and project signing links. On the two sub-forums of “Internet + Health & Medicine” and “Crossover – Explore the Health Industry”, several industrial big potatoes delivered wonderful speeches and in-depth communications. As the hottest spot, “Internet + Health & Medicine” becomes focus of this forum, with “major players” for this sunrise industry unveiled. Among them, Ali Health and Evergrande Health are the strongest players by far, which are both listed in Hong Kong. According to the data, Ali Health is given birth by Ali Group through acquisition of CITIC 21st Century, with its market value currently totaling HKD55.4 billion. Evergrande Health is brought forth by Evergrande Group that completed the tender order and change of board of directors yesterday, with its market value currently totaling HKD5.8 billion on the sharp rise.

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