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Ginger Extract in Warm-up
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Willful ginger
As revealed by our media, the planting area of ginger nationwide in 2014 totals around 5 million mu, with annual yield of 18m ton, Shandong accounting for nearly a third of all.
To date, ginger has become the pillar industry for agricultural development in many areas, mainly distributed in Shandong, Anhui and Yunnan. It has great fluctuation recent years. Between 2011 and 2012, the price of ginger was limited to weaken the initiatives of farmers. Affected by the toxic ginger event and draught in 2013, the overall yield of ginger declined by 30%, with the price up by as many as 5 times. This high price lasted until the new ginger presence of the next year. While the planting area for ginger was enlarged in 2014, the price for new output dumped by 40% to 50% in October.

Clear Increase in Ginger Extract Market
Ginger extract is originated from the food ingredient ginger, which has been on the food market for hundreds of years in China and other Asian countries. The unique function of warming the middle and regulating the qi of ginger can help promote the health when added to relevant products.
Ginger extract is developed and applied worldwide in recent years. In 2014 particularly, the presence in end market was quite obvious. As observed by our media, countries such as UK, Germany, France, Ireland, Japan, US and Australia have all unveiled new products of ginger extract to be used respectively in sweet food, yogurt, nutrition bar, beer, chocolate, fish product, ice cream, grain product, chips and candy fields.
There is limited number of producers and suppliers of ginger extract in China, mainly presenting the ginger extract powder, ginger oil and ginger oleoresin. It’s also the hot spot in markets represented by US according to the monitoring of Herbridge.
Xi’an Green Life Co., Ltd. told our media that the annual demand of ginger extract (including ginger oil and ginger extract powder) by the global market is at least 100t, mainly for the international market. With their years’ experience in ginger extract(powder) production and supply, the market demand in 2014 showed an apparent increase, mainly in Europe, US and Australia, the usage specification in food and health-care fields mainly 5%, 6% and 10%. The annual price trend of ginger extract (powder) is relatively steady.
Another mainstream demand of ginger extract is ginger oil and ginger oleoresin. As Anhui Capa Biotech told our media, increase can be seen in the stable market performance between 2012 and 2014. Being an edible natural fragrance, ginger oil can be used in the blending of edible fragrance. With delighting fragrance, it can be used in the flavor blending of cooked meat product, instant food, puffed food and baked food, as well as beverage and beer (either ginger essential oil or ginger oleoresin). When used in daily chemical field, such as makeups, its fragrance ingredient and type are of high value of development, especially suitable for men’s perfume. Besides, it can be used in SPA, aromatherapy, shampoo and fancy soap. Ginger oleoresin is valuable in terms of medicine and health care, cold and humidity removal, wind removing and pain killing, vessel warming and meridian smoothing, and motion sickness prevention. Furthermore, the ginger oil is good for aging resistance.
Ginger Extract, Promising Prospect Attainable
As more functions are discovered, ginger extracts are recognized by more consumers to embrace an increasing market demand. While the market trend for ginger extract is favorable in 2014, it can be predicted the end market for ginger extract will still be limelighted in the coming year. The author believes that the market for ginger extract is right started, and the prospect for its future market is promising if uncontrollable factors excluded in the consideration.
According to our media, ginger extract is basically compounded with other natural extracts to meet the taste of consumers in the end food, dietary supplements and other snacks field. In 2015, industrial insiders and readers concerning about the ginger extract market can pay attention to the introduction of new products on the end market and the consumer retail progress of relevant products.


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