2018China Natural Health Products Conference agenda upgrading
关键词: Health Industry, Health Economy, Health China

Theme: Health Industry, Health Economy, Health China



Co-Organizer: Herbalife China

City:Anandi hotel   Shanghai,China

Date: October 25th-27th, 2018

Scale:800 to 1000 participants

Supporters CCCMHPIE Herbal Ingrdients Association

National Public Nutrition Office of China

China National Food Industry Association

National Herbal Functional Ingredients Utilization Engineering Research Center

Blueberry Club



Wecoming Speech:Zheng Qunyi,Herbalife China,President

TopicChina's health industry  internaionlaize development under the current situation

Speaker: Meng Dongping, China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products (CCCMHPIE)vice president

TopicChina Economy structure analysis under the US-China trade war

Speaker: Li Gang, vice president of the Ministry of Commerce

Topic Access management of overseas health products

SpeakerMinistry of Commerce e-commerce and Information Technology Division of China

TopicCross- border trade in health products

SpeakerMinistry of Commerce e-commerce and Information Technology Division of China

TopicChina health care products enterprises branding design thinking

Speaker: Hongbo Cui, Shanghai brand consultant and business innovation service agency

TopicHerbal extraction. China's advantage. Big health industry mainstay force

SpeakerXiaodong Yu,National Public Nutrition Improvement Project Office, Professor, Director

Topic Observe the current layout of  China big health industry from the perspective of the next 10 years

Speaker: David Zhang , Joywin group,President,CCCMHPIE Herbal Ingrdients Association Chairman

Topic: Health products industry&  functional food industry compliance with "Healthy China Planning"

Speaker: Du He, President of nutrition Steering Committee of China Food Industry Association

Topic: food supplement and health care products to reduce the burden of medical care in China

Speaker: Mike Greene ,CRN,Senior Vice President

Topic: Health products /Dietary Supplement industry should maintain to original aspiration

Speaker: Cecily Gu,Nestle (US) Health Science CSO

Topic: How to make great progress with the millennial generation

Speaker:Queenie Sheng,VP of Nu Skin Mainland China Marketing

Topic:Technology and implementation of block chain in health food industry

Speaker: Qiliang Zhang, Tsinghua University Wudaokou Financial College / Peking University National Development Research Institute,Special lecturer

Topic: Market insight under the rise of China's new consumption

Speaker: Chen Tejun,Blueberry Club,Founder

Topic:Best practices in quality management systems for natural health products in the EU

Speaker: Michel Horn, European Health Products Manufacturers AssociationPresident

Topic: Health products supervise in FDA

Speaker: Paul Coats,Previous Director of botanical center, US NIH Office of Dietary Supplement

Oct 26th, 2018(Morning)

Session I Science A

Host: Leslie Shen,Texas Tech University Health Sciences CenterInterpretationLatest discoveries by scientists of UCLA and other renowned Universities will be intensively introduced: new ingredients, new functions, and new resources.

Topic:The role of dried plum in management of chronic diseases including osteoporosis

SpeakerBahram Arjmandi,Florida State University

TopicTocotrienols in bone protection: from animals to humans

SpeakerChwan-Li (Leslie) Shen,PhD,CCRP,Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

SpeakerKan He,Herbalife Global Scientist

TopicAnti-inflammatory effects in black tea polyphenols in nutritional omics and in vivo experiments

SpeakerSimeon Li ,

Rutgers University,Visting Professor

Session II R&D strategy ABrain Health

Host: Andy Xu, Royal Society of Chemistry,FRSC

InterpretationIn China's population aging process, the industry's attention to brain health is far from enough, and the brain optimization can be done at any age. What have you missed in the development of the brain health market? PQQ, PS, Rosemary extract, Hericium erinaceus extract, Astaxanthin, Terpineol, Enzogenol .....

Speaker The Center for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligence Technology (CEBSIT)

SpeakerTakeshi Tabira, Juntendo University professor 

SpeakerYonghong Yuan,Enzymecode BIotechnology Co.Ltd,CSO

SpeakerXi Gang,Herb origin,CEO

Topic: Improve memory health foods with TCM  w alking abroad

SpeakerJohnathan Han,Amyway R&D Director

Topic:High quality plant extracts obtained from organic phase      Efficient and Green separation process with Evonik OSN technology

Speaker: ZongyuanZou , Engineer of Evonik Specialty Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Session III: Quality control A

Host: Ma Jun,Yiling Pharm,Health industry research Center ,Dean

InterpretationQuality is the eternal vitality of products. Quality control starts from the beginning of product design and exists in  supplier management, production process management, inspection and even in supply chain logistics.

Speaker Peter Chang, Herbalife  Global Q&C Director

SpeakerMichael Wei,Amyway(China),

Technology and Quality Director

TopicEthnomedicine and modern technology helps health industry

Speaker Yizhi Zhang,Jinhe Tibetan medicine (Shandong) Health Industry Co., Ltd. President

TopicQuality assurance capability building in product realization process

SpeakerSharon Fu, By-Health,Q&A Director

TopicHealth food production Quality management has no short board

Speaker Michael Wei ,Amyway China ,Director of Technology and Quality Management

Session IV: New marketing A

Social network,O2O fusion.

Host: Chen Tejun,Blueberry Club,Founder

InterpretationConsumption upgrades, consumer trends insights, product category predictions, combination with new retail, internet services to serve a large number of users while providing individualization...brands are accessing to new power with great imaginative space.

Topic: New media communication under scene marketing

Speaker :Jiang Sheng,Blueberry Club CEO

Topic : Marketing Initiatives of Organic Supplements in China Market  (TBC)

Speaker Victor MiaoGarden of LifeMarketing Director

TopicMarketing health products under the new retail scene and Marketing opportunity

SpeakerRui Li ,Yiling Pharm,E-Commerce Channel ,General Manager

Speaker:Fiona Wu,Tencent heealth industry Director

Speaker :Tmall new product innovation center, Diretor

Speaker :Zhang rui,Xinkong International CMO

Oct 26th, 2018(Afternoon)

Breaking and standing of China herba lingredients

Host:David Zhang , Joywin group,PresidentCCCMHPIE Herbal Ingrdients Association Chairman

InterpretationA wider range of applications of natural functional ingredients requires evidence, and many functional ingredients are named for their functions, Focusing on efficacy, research, data support. To make up for this lesson, we still need to examine: how to turn around in the future.

Lecture section:

Representative presentation of research and development Herbal ingredients Company


How is the future of herbal ingredients companies going?

Host:Gloria Zhang,Herbridge,General Manager

Interview GuestsDavid Zhang,Yanmei Li,David Zhang(2),River Huang,Yongfu Xie,Hongjian Yu,Qingguo Lu,Liping Zhu.

Topic 1: What is the ability cut off  by foreign trade to local companies in the past 30 years?

Topic 2: Where are the “gap”between local Suppliers and international companies?

Topic 3: Internal and external problems in the plant extract industry

Topic 4: Opportunities in the Plant Extract Industry

Topic 5: The road to upgrading and transformation in the plant extract industry

Session II :R&D strategy BWeight Management

Host: Chen li BesunyoungProducty Director

InterpretationThe homogenization of weight-loss products in China market; the lacking of healthy weight-loss products giants that match the major obesity country; China's current weight-loss market structure; scientific and empirical level R&D upgrade of weight control products. It's time to discuss!

Speaker :Harry Lee Greene, MD

Emeritus Professor Vanderbilt Medical Center

Nashville, Tennessee

Topic: Weight loss product research and develop

SpeakerMinliang Zou ,Besunyoung R&D Director

Speaker:Yu Zhong,Yunnan Tianbaohua Biotech Inc  General Managert

SpeakerXinliang Mao, Marykay China,Senior Scientist

TopicApple polyphenols, fucoxanthin and astaxanthin, your weight control solution provider

SpeakerYanmei Li,BGG,General Managert

TopicFrom cell research to human clinical, weight loss and lipid reduction can be accurate

SpeakerChunhua Sun,Lonrich, Chief Health Research and Development Department

TopicSports nutrition research and development and consumer experience

SpeakerMin Gui, Brightdairy Nutrition& Health Research Center, Dairy Research Institute, Director

InterviewWangning Sports APP Keep CEO

         DecathlonSports nutrition food PurchasingDirector

Session III: Quality Control  B

Host: Jeanne Li , Herbalife Q&A Director

InterpretationFrom the perspective of consumers, quality control has a veto, and any quality-related issues are of zero tolerance. Discover the quality control of outstanding companies.

Topic: Experience sharing of safety risk management in the whole industry chain based on 100-1=0

SpeakerDavid Li, Infinitus China,Products Supply and Quality assurance Director

SpeakerNestle/Garden of Life  ,Q&A Director

SpeakerJenny Ju, Nuskin,CS Q&A Director


Strengthening research on medicinal herb agriculture,Improve the quality of TCM

SpeakerTeric Li,Amyway China, Senior Manager of Technology Development

New Power" Participates in Enterprise Innovation Roadshow

Session IV: New marketing B

New drug store Professionalization

Host: Lei Ni, Vital Deputy General Manager

InterpretationBuild sales scenario, increase customer stickiness, people-oriented, and chain drug store Cluster improving, How to apply pharmacy marketing methods to gain more popularity in consumers? Return to health management or boldly imagine about promoting household consumption? Anything could be possible.

SpeakerXiao wenbinJiangzhong group OTC line General Manager

SpeakerSunxinglin,Infinitus,OTC market Director

Speaker Lao Baixing Chain Drug store,

Speakeryixintang  Chain Drug store

Interview: Is the channel king or the product king?

HostTony Hu,Herbridge, Associate editor

Interview guests:

Eric Hua

Wenbin Xiao,

Xinglin Su

Special topic: Functional Food A

Host: Chloe Ren,,Herbridge , Chief content officer;

InterpretationThe limited 27 health claims of health products and strictly regulated food for special medical purposes make enterprises feel that innovative export is so difficult, while functional food seems to be the brightest future. What are the categories that are already available on retail shelves?

Speaker: Academician Sun Dongxiao, New Zealand Academy of Food Science and Technology, Chairman of the International Council on Agricultural Engineering and Biosystems Functional Health Food Platform Speaker: R & D director of Liu Wenjun group

Speaker:Liu Wenjun,Jiangzhong Group Director of R&D;

Speaker:Frank Li, Foodaily content director

Session III: R&D strategy CAnti-aging

Host: Yu Xiaoyun,

Joincare Research Institute,Dean

InterpretationChina consumers’ living standards have greatly improved, and their focus on anti-aging has reached an unprecedented level. Women's health is specially listed in China’s 2030 National Plan issued by the government. How to develop natural and healthy anti-aging products for targeted consumers in Women's anti-aging market?

SpeakerDouglas Stevenson, (Nu Skin Global), Director of Nu Skin R&D Chemistry & China

Topic: Omega-7, the next global nutrient

Speaker:Murong Yuan,Puredia,CEO

TopicNew consumers, new thinkingway, R&D boosts new development

SpeakerZhang Wei, Baihe Bio, R&D Director

TopicLadies anti-aging and nourishing under the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Speakr: Yu Xiaoyun,Joincare Research Institute,Dean

Session IIIQuality control C

OEM& 1-Stop Service:

Host: Wang Lina, Baihe Bio,Vice President

InterpretationIn the next decade, China's health products industry will become more and more specialized and efficient from product development to the finished products. Excellent OEM companies with a reasonable division of labor, and mature enterprises with one-stop service will be the winners on the market.

TopicSmart producing support Smart nutrition

SpeakerWang Lina, Baihe Bio,Vice President ,

Speaker: Heyu Li, Ubasio Biotechnology Group

Speaker: Ningbo Jildian

Session IV: New marketing C

New Direct Selling_Nyoung

Host: Lynn Zhao,

Nuskin China  R&D Director

InterpretationNew era, new retail, new consumption promotion, new direct sales. In the new era of socialization becoming personalized and mobile, new direct sales is boosting the vitality of the industry, re-engineering the development model of the industry with the association of people, goods and scenes.

Speaker Marketing Director of health care department, Nestle

TopicNew challenges, new era, how marketing stands out

Speaker: Hao Weiguo, Northern continent product planning director

Speaker: perfect intestinal flora and health management department

Speaker: Marketing Director, Herbalife

Special topic:Functional Food B

Host:Wang Hesong, Committee of health care consultation,China health care association,vice chairman

Interpretation“Stepping into the old age”, Japan is advanced in functional food market and R&D in this field is encouraged. This has benefit many local consumers, making Japan the country with the world's longest life expectancy. How do the widely-available functional foods benefit the consumers? Also lets see some of China functional foods giants.

SpeakerTakafumi Murao House JapanR&D,Manager

SpeakerPrvious POLA, R&D Director

Topic:Licorice products are applied in the food industry 2.0 era

SpeakerQinghai Province Qinghai Lake Pharmaceutical Co., LtdDeputy general managerLuo Shilin

 Speaker Kohji Yamaguchi

FANCL Corporation Excutive Officer

Topic: Health food development opportunities and overseas market reference

SpeakerWang Hesong, Committee of health care consultation,China health care association,vice chairman

Session IV: R&D strategy DCardiovascular Health

Prophylaxis of chronic diseases

Host:Ouyang Daofu,

Perfect China,R&D,Director

InterpretationNearly all international pharmaceutical giants have their “blockbuster” drugs in the field of cardiovascular disease. The expensive medical burden has already become the consensus of the industry. However, cardiovascular disease can be prevented from the beginning. Let’s bring the knowledge of preventing diseases to the consumers.

Speakerkatarzyna.maresz,International Science and Foundation,Chairman

ChairmanSpeakerLiu Yan,Herbalife,Department of Scientific Affairs

SpeakerMilo Shen,LycoRed China,Business Director

Topic: The fourth generation of super folic acid - Quatrefolic, the precise nutrition at the beginning of life

SpeakerTerry Li,Gnosis Shanghai,Business Manager

SpeakerHEC Industry  R&D Director

Herbal and functional industry  new highland of the value

HostYu Zhibin,CCCMHPIE,TCM Dean

InterpretationUnder the opportunity of the big health industry, how can the ingredients enterprises upgrade the value in the health industry chain?Supply chain, and the advanced production lines and the mature production management planting production enterprises will give speeches.


Industrial chain symbiosis, the mutual love of suppliers and buyers.

Host:Gloria Zhang,Herbridge,General Manager

Topic 1: Purchasing, quality first or cost first?

Topic 2: Continue to adhere to the capacity model or multidimensional upgrade?

Topic 3: Repositioning of herbal ingredients Applications

Topic 4: Sustainable use of resources

Topic 5: Industrial Chain Value of Herbal Functional Ingredients

Session IV: New marketing D

Wechat business 2.0 era,

TV shopping in China

HostNiu Weiqiang Selected&Fashion TV shoping Senior vice president

InterpretationWechat business has become an unstoppable new channel for health product sales. The introduction of the new regulations for Wechat business has ended the trend of barbaric growth, and the era of Wechat business evolution has begun. There are also new Internet sales platforms and tools emerging and we all need to keep up with the times...

SpeakerNiu Weiqiang Selected&Fashion TV shoping Senior vice president

SpeakerXue An, Beijing Zhongke Resources Co., Ltd., CEO

Topic: Brand wins, content is king.

Speaker: Xie Lingdan.,Blueberry  club Co- founder

Topic: Shaking voice Plantform marketing strategy

Speaker: Johnson Chen, senior service provider,Douyin new media expert.

Speaker: Gao Yuan Jun, vice president of focus brand management.


CNIC: Closely linked to the health industry   chain, the contents of the above sessions maybe adjusted and updated.

Conference   presentation

Under Healthy   China 2030 plan, the opportunities and challenges of health industry in the   future;

High   efficiency docking and cooperation of the whole industry chain;

Full business   integration innovation in China health industry

New marketing   + user thinking: creating higher value products for consumers, and better   serving users.


From nutrition industry, marketing,   government, academia and media (professional media + integrated large web   sites with more than 100 journalists)


From China National Health CommissionChina National Development and Reform   Commission Public Nutrition CenterHealth Industry

Other   Awards

You are in the Chinese health industry   for ten years: The award of contributing for the Industry, The award for   Promoting the industry progress.

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Global Top Products Show | Domestic Original Products Show | Herbridge 10 years Anniversary Show |

8th May,2018


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